Joby Gorillapod – The Bendy Tripod

Photo credit: Casey Neistat + Google image

I am planning to purchase one of those bendy tripod. The cool one is from Joby Gorillapod or maybe the only one yet! The bendy tripod is not only to use for making vlog videos, well, most of the using, used by vloggers. But I think it’s useful to make photo shot, selfie or a group shot as well. This bendy tripod so handy, you can bend it over and put it on a roll bar, a tree by bending the tripod to them, or put it somewhere flat and act as regular tripod. However, this tripod has sort legs different with the regular photo/video tripod that we can extend the legs to become long.

Here are some categories for Joby Gorillapod:
– Gorillapod Original: Small pod use for mostly smart phones with grip tight mount.
– Gorillapod Magnetic : Small pod use for pocket video cameras with magnetic bottom legs.
– Gorillapod for Video: Small pod use for pocket video cameras.
– Gorillapod action tripod: Medium size pod, use mostly for GoPros or any action video cameras with magnetic bottom legs. Quick release clip.
– Gorillapod Hybrid: Medium size pod, mostly use for larger video cameras and this is most favourite one.
– Gorillapod SLR Zoom with ballhead: Large size pod, mostly use for DSLR cameras.
– Gorillapod Zoom with ballhead:Large size pod, mostly use for DSLR or bigger cameras with big lenses.

There some questions if we do have DSLR camera, which one should we use, the Gorillapod SLR or the Gorillapod Zoom? I saw some videos that most people choose the Gorillapod SLR with the reason less expensive compare to Gorilla Zoom. Also there is some review that I saw on Youtube, that Gorillapod Zoom has week legs, so if we do have very big lens attached to the camera, the tripod legs cannot support it strong, and it mostly bend.

My pick for these range of Gorillapods, I would go for Joby Gorillapod Hybrid. And here is the reasons:
– Way cheaper compare to SLR and Zoom
– Strong legs
– Medium size
– Best for vlogging
– Can be use for photo shots
– Handy tools and can be bend and attached to a roll bar, tree etc.
– Fit for my Sony a5100 camera 🙂

And here is a video for more explanation about Joby Gorillapod collection.

What is your pick for this handy Joby Gorillapod?