Recently I am doing trades on ethereum (ETH) with my bitcoin (BTC). On June 19 & 20, I bought about 1 ETH at 0.14105 & 0.14155 BTC, and hoping that I can sell back at 0.143 BTC.

But until today ETH is down to about 0.13 and never reach 0.14. I am not trading lots on BTC, and basically that all I have at the moment on And I was planning to do trade on other crypto currency and get extra BTC/profit from that.

Hahaha.. I am kind of stuck now, and things to learn; not to trade all your balance on one crypto currency. Maybe split to 2-3 crypto currency. Because when the above case to ETH happened, if I split my trade and not to put all on ETH, I can still trade on others crypto currency.

My personal favorite of crypto currency list that I like to trade; ETH, XRP and NXT. And looking to play with XMR, LTC and DASH soon.